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I can remember coming out of the cinema stunned. It was the middle of the Hungarian winter in a small picture house in the south of Budapest and that dry snow was falling, the sort you can brush off without your hair or clothes getting wet.

Stunned though. This movie leaped instantly into my all time top five for the inspiration that lit in me.

I know it's only a movie, but...

  • Bill Parrish has in him, a very strong fatherly character, that I would very much model myself on if that were it thrust upon me. Such admirable qualities are so very hard to find these days.

    Solid as a rock, loves all his family, is successful in everything he has done, and is loved by all who meet him.

    He made a business to make the world a better place, first and foremost, rather than make a profit. Very polite with a strong sense of honour when faced with death he holds himself in fine accord.
  • Joe Black (or whatever his real name is) for his sincere demeanor and his upfront display of active curiosity in seeking something that he knows he wants.

    Loves his sister to bits. That's a good judge of a man I think. Chirpy and happy - people could sure use a page of that book.

    All that we know of him is defined in very few moments in his conversation with Susan Parrish. In this time he winds her heart in such a manner that it shall make the cynical laugh and the romantic swoon.
  • Susan Parrish has the capacity for giving unconditional love to a man that won her heart in five minutes, (then after being horribly killed and having his body stolen by death) continues to seek what she found in him in those brief formative moments.

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