A lesson in clothing selection (soccer part 2.)

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Let me tell you a little story.
Once upon a time, there was a boy, a few years older than I am, who went to my school in Glasgow, and he was heavily into the Glasgow Rangers (a Glasgow soccer team). As already mentioned, Glasgow is a dangerous place for anyone to be a soccer fan.
Anyhow, one day, on the day of the big match of the season between Glasgow's two rival football teams, Rangers and Celtic, this boy got dressed up in all his Rangers kit and headed off to the match. On his merry little way, he encountered some rather nasty people who supported the opposite team and didn't like the scarf that he was wearing.

Most of you could guess, after my long-winded soccer bashing in the previous section, where this story is heading.

He never made it home. Stabbed because he was wearing the wrong colour of scarf. Died in hospital. We had a nice little funeral for him at school, but the people who should've been taking notice, didn't care. Just goes to show. As humans, we have this incredible ability to take a simple game, and turn it into small-scale genocide.

And the moral of the story is. Watch what you wear. It may just get you hospitalized.

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