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Waungron (pronounced Wine -gron), not to be confused with Waungron Park, which is a railway station on the Cardiff/valleys line, or Waungron Road, which is also in Cardiff, is a minuscule place between Pontardulais http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A253676 and Grovesend http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A331958 in South Wales. The name means Round Meadow, although the site of the original meadow is not known.

Waungron has a couple of houses and a small chapel; the latter is about the size of a garden shed, probably big enough to just get a car inside. It is now a Chapel of Rest for a local undertaker.

Up to about 50 years ago, there were two public houses in the area, presumably for the use of the miners from the nearby Grovesend colliery. (Grovesend has no pubs)

The area known as "The Common" to the east of Waungron was host to vast numbers of military during World War 2; the author has been unable to find out whether this was associated with the D-Day landings, or whether it was a transit camp.

The postal address for just about everything in Waungron is "Pontardulais". Don't bother looking for signposts, just accept that the place exists; you will probably never know that you have driven through.

(the author is indebted to "Waungron Ron" for much of the information in this entry)

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