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US Coke vs. German Coke(pronouns: Cokey)

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I just want to mention that the German Diet Coke(in Germany Coca Cola Light(silly isn't it, we don't use the English expression but make our own English name for it!(same thing with the Mobile Telephones: We Germans call them Handys(sounds a little bit gay, doesn't it!?(but on the other hand, something like "on the other hand" translated into German sounds like it has something to do with masturbation))))) ...er, yes...
Ok, what I want to say is that US Diet Coke has zero Calories but German Coca Cola Light has 0.27 kcal.

In my opinion the Americans need that, cause most of them are fat.
...don't be angry, it's just my objective point of view.

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US Coke vs. German Coke(pronouns: Cokey)

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