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The Legend Of The Lost City Of Atlantis.

This is a popular theory/story/historical event - call it what you will - that suggests man is the descendant of a truly supernatural being, and most of what is known today is only a small fraction of the knowledge of his ancestors.

Legend tells of an advanced body of beings, who became susceptible to greed and - as a consequence - were destroyed when their land sank beneath the sea, and so the fall of the largest, most advanced empire is chronicled :

Sequence of Events :

50,000 BC - Earthquake destroys Atlantis major power source.
28,500 BC - Earthquake divides Atlantis into three smaller islands
9000 BC - Cataclysm destroys the last island of Atlantis (based on Plato's writings)
1500 BC - Volcanic eruption destroys Thera and possibly brings an end to the Minoan civilization, a factual advanced trading society, which many believe Atlantis to be based upoh.
360 BC - Plato writes Timaeus and Critias (the legend of atlantis)
1960 - A. G. Galanopoulos discoveres the ruins of ancient cities on Thera
1968 - The Bimini Wall is discovered, Bimini Island, Bahamas, said to be the remnants of Atlantis.

The Theory :

The Atlanteans were a supremely advanced being, perhaps decended from aliens, perhaps not. The point being, they were first in technology, politics, philosophy, the arts in general, science, and society.

In time, this once highly spiritual society became fractured into two distinct groups: The Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Those of the Law of One carried on the spiritual tradition of their forefathers, while the Sons of Belial became engrossed with satisfying their physical appetites and desires. This split would eventually lead to the continent’s downfall and eventual destruction.

By focusing upon materiality and ignoring their true spiritual nature, the Sons of Belieal brought upon themselves a series of three cataclysms. The first, about 50,000 years B.C., destroyed their major power source. The second, about 28,500 B.C., caused the continent to break into three smaller islands: Poseidia, Og, and Aryan. The third and final destruction - Plato's work - occurred about 10,500 B.C. and caused the three islands to sink, forcing those who survived to migrate to other parts of the world. From these beginnings, the rest of the history of mankind arises.

Platos' Legend : This was recounted by one of his students as being the recollection of a tale told to him by his grandfather :

'Over 11,000 years ago there existed an island nation located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean populated by a noble and powerful race. The people of this land possessed great wealth thanks to the natural resources found throughout their island. The island was a center for trade and commerce. The rulers of this land held sway over the people and land of their own island and well into Europe and Africa.

This was the island of Atlantis.

Atlantis was the domain of Poseidon, god of the sea. When Poseidon fell in love with a mortal woman, Cleito, he created a dwelling at the top of a hill near the middle of the island and surrounded the dwelling with rings of water and land to protect her.

Cleito gave birth to five sets of twin boys who became the first rulers of Atlantis. The island was divided among the brothers with the eldest, Atlas, first King of Atlantis, being given control over the central hill and surrounding areas.

At the top of the central hill, a temple was built to honor Poseidon which housed a giant gold statue of Poseidon riding a chariot pulled by winged horses. It was here that the rulers of Atlantis would come to discuss laws, pass judgments, and pay tribute to Poseidon.

Atlantis was a central city, with the land around it being cultivated in a series of concentric circles. Surrounding the plain to the north were mountains which soared to the heavens. Villages, lakes, rivers, and meadows dotted the mountains.

The islanders subsisted on all kinds of herbs, fruits, nuts, and an abundance of animals, including elephants, roamed the island.

For generations the Atlanteans lived simple, virtuous lives. But slowly they began to change. Greed and power began to corrupt them. When Zeus saw the immorality of the Atlanteans he gathered the other gods to determine a suitable punishment.

The island of Atlantis was swamped by the surrounding seas. its people, and its memory were lost except for a few survivors which made their way to Egypt, and began anew.

Evidence for Atlantis :

Many claim that Atlantis actually existed. While Plato categorically stated that the legend was based on fact, little convincing evidence has yet arisen from the depths. However, there are a few hypothesi :

Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev is offering to send his hypothesis to any interested party if they request it by e-mail at: [email protected]

The basis of his hypothesis is that Atlantis did exist, much as Plato described. However, the location was wrong. Atlantis was not located in the middle of the Atlantic, but rather on what is now referred to as the Celtic Shelf.

The Celtic Shelf is the continental shelf surrounding much of England. This area, currently underwater, was actually above water during the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago.

In addition, due to the discovery of the Bimini Wall in the Hawaian Islands, many believe that these are the descendants of Atlantis. Major underwater research has established that there are the remains of huge concrete pillars in this region, with detractors simply stating that these columns are nothing more than the remains of broken barrels of cement, the barrel shape giving rise to the column shape.

Another theory states the existence of trade routes set up by the Atlanteans is evidenced in the link between Egyptian Mythology, and that of the Aztecs. Apparently, cocaine crystals discovered in the fabric of some of the material used to 'mummify' some Egyptians could only have come from Peru. In addition the religious theory supported by both cultures seems to suggest that they were both formed from the same precepts. Also in Peru, remains of some Aztec leaders followed the same mummification process as that of the Egyptians. In addition, the Aztecs worshipped a god knows as Set, and the Egyptians had Seth - a name incidently associated with one of the sons of Adam. It is interesting to note also that the aztec heiroglyphs have a close association with the Egyptian ones, and the Aztec word for water was Atl, but maybe this is stretching things a bit.

Investigating the theory of Atlantis always seems to lead to further associations with language, religion - including christianity, and culture.

The "discovery" of the oldest known mummy in North America. The mummy, named the Spirit Cave man, was found on the shelves of the Nevada State Museum. Discovered in Nevada in 1940 it was originally thought to be 2000 years old. Recent radiocarbon dating has pushed its age back to 9,400 years (7,400 BC).

The most intriguing facts is that the mummy was wearing moccasins and shrouds of woven marsh plants. The weave of the shrouds indicates that it was made on a loom. If these findings turn out to be true it would mean that the there were people in North America more than 9,000 years ago with the knowledge and technology to weave cloths on looms.

This certainly doesn't prove the existence of Atlantis but it does push accepted science closer to the possibility.

Another interesting precept, that Atlantis was not actually an island, but another planet. By studying the mysteries of ancient Egypt, the religion, the mythology, and the entire culture of the Nile valley, some claim this was not a cult of the Sun, but actually concerned the death of a planet called Atlantis, destroyed in the local solar system many aeons ago.

Conclussion :

Most people, on really studying the cult of the Atlanteans, will be able to draw up many other theories, and will discover that as well as an interesting pastime, this can become an obsession leading to many other theories.

One of the very usefull consequences of studying the theory, is the amount of other avenues of investigation which become available, and may one day give mankind the answer to 'The Missing Link Theory'. Or not. As yet, no one can categorically state whether Atlantis was fact or fiction.

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