The Tale of Three Weapons

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Chapter Six - Xeros

'Xeros!' they whispered.

Josh spoke up. 'Yes?'

'Good, come in.' They walked in.

'What's the job?' said Rastlin, recovering from his surprise.

'There is a certain dark rock titan that's trying to get this.' Xeros reached down under his desk, giving Josh a chance for a quick look. The room was much like the last room, except for two things: a desk in the middle of the room, and a trap door which was most likely to keep cool drinks at hand, since the earth was usually cooler than the air.

Xeros brought up the trophy from the tournament. 'He believes that he should get this, since he was on the list as paired with me, although it was me who faced all of the combatants.

'I see,' said Josh, thinking of the battles.

'May we see the contract, sir?' asked Rastlin.

'Of course,' said Xeros, taking a piece of paper. If Josh and Rastlin had watched carefully, they would have seen a flash in the underground cooler.

'Here,' said Xeros, bringing up the contract.

'I don't really like this fine print,' said Rastlin.

'I have to agree, sir. The "die if mission is not completed in 30 days" is kind of, well, harsh, to be blunt, sir.'

'That is to make sure you are professionals,' said Xeros with a evil smirk.

'We will have to discuss this, sir,' said Josh.

Josh and Rastlin left the room. Josh put up a thought, sound, and viro shield (viro shields blocks the vibrations that the sound shields don't).

'Well?' asked Rastlin.

'Do we really have a choice?' asked Josh back.

'I guess not. But let's make sure we at least get enough money,' said Rastlin.

'Then it's settled,' said Josh.

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