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oooh goodygoodygoody

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Thanks awfully, fish. It's good to see my favourite of your writings up and on display - although I realise you'll have to drearify it a bit to get it into the Guide. It's far too entertaining as it is.

*Big thankyou kiss*

oooh goodygoodygoody

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I promise you I'll not change a word!

Stubborn is my middle name!

oooh goodygoodygoody

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Okay, here's another one for you:


I hope you enjoy it as well.

If this doesn't get me tossed out of h2g2, I don't know what will!


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Researcher 111727

Hey! Why are you hating on the Kappa Beach Party. This is one time that black people can come together and have a good time. No one tells people to take their clothes off. If you bothered to pay attention, only a small percentage of the people actually take their clothes off outdoors. You are probably fat and out of shape. If you don't like it, then don't look. I bet when you are not around your spouse tries to their best to get a good look at the people walking around.

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