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Other distributed computing projects

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There are other projects that rely on donated cpu time, see
http://www.distributed.net for details. Personally all my spare
cpu time goes to the rc5 encryption cracking project.

There were teething problems when [email protected] started
up. This was because their work unit servers weren't geared
up to the million or so people who joined the project.
Wired covered the story at

Hopefully they've sorted it out by now.

Other distributed computing projects

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The Mummy, administrator of the [email protected] Project (A193231) and The Reluctant Dead on the FFFF (A254314)

Ye'r right, I've seen distributed.net's pages when surfing off SETI's. I'm sure it must be fun to do. However, SETI will only be running for a fixed period of time, and the other projects will undoubtedly still be running when SETI is long dead'n'gone.

On top of that, I don't think it would be smart to run two such programs at the same time. They might slow eachother down greatly.
I've decided to go on helping other projects when SETI's all over and done with.

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