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Here I was stretched out here on the sofa meditateing like you do <ok><snowball>,was i really<zen>or ma... <biggrin> see F83658?thread=239269 for excuse for biggrin)The rude alternatives, So I thought I might to dig out the old "sandwich toaster" instead as i felt the the often need instant gratfication,That accompanies such like,What do ? you do when afflicted with the A127432 munchies if appetite not sated ask these guys HREF=""munchies

on inception of desire my thoughts migrated .
on so along the lines of starting a thread dedicated to the poor mans belling ,yes the good old brevil<applause>,great camping accessorie,<somersault>cooks all sorts of meals,so how about some of yours,<brave>Fatjas,pizza's,by way of looking at research i entered "brevil"(toasted sandwich maker

and this was presented as best match <brokenheart> and allthough this is in no way related to topic worth visiting it is a charity site mainly but has some recipies also thew up another one for adults this site i am sure may offend some please do not visit it if it may offend you (football chants and the like of)<biggrin>could not find it way of concillation "STAR TRECK link HREF=""
Hmm think someones trying to tell me some thing "identitie crisis" was the episode i saw linked,<rofl> we know who we are!!! .
Who would have thought an article on "Cooking on a sandwich toaster" would open a pandoras box.<choc><cheesecake><strawberries>what i meant links from search engine,not food<biggrin>
Anyway i digress emptie leftovers from fridge into a bowl mix with one or two eggs bits of cheese last of milk ect shut eyes (It will taste better!) and beat into a gooey type mess (cold porridge from breakfast can be brought to life by 1 egg marmalade mild cheese ) place in "brevil" cook for "sometime" time will depend on age of sandwich toaster thickness of dinner ect .
As a guide 4 sausages normaly take me ten mins .<empty>Time to kill so i suggest you have a glass of wine first. <drunk>
see now comes the next problem bottle of wine no bottle opener,?<doh>unless your <empty> a medical student<nurse> you wont have acess to the type of hyperdermic <geek>,imagined used at clinics<LINK HREF=">1 </LINK> by <doctor> most teenagers of most generations are aware of in the same awareness of the samaratins,next link<ok> links for students researhers ect <LINK HREF="">5</LINK> HREF="
,well you take this hyperdermic needle of a size that would make you wince at the thought of its inteded use<scientist> indert (polite word for "stuff")->=:> through cork trying not to cross your legs to tightly whilst thinking of simmularities bottle shape,<bigeyes> mind you in all likelyhood the use of these appendeages is going to be in a controlled manner curtailed after inbibeing contents <wow><ill> , or alternatively you fold a teacloth or handcushion place cushion against wall strike the bottem of the bottle at a angle of 90 degrees and pray,more fun than pushing cork inside ,so how many other ways of getting at the contents.

by Queen Bronners - Keeper of the Secret Word
<blush> we took turns in forcing the cork down into the bottle using three chopsticks. It was very hard going <brave> and gave us all blisters on our palms, but you really appreciated the wine when the cork finally popped through into the bottle! <wine>
{also informs}
Train luggage racks can be used to pop the tops off beer bottles![<cool> not that i condone this]
by the third man(soon on strike)
Three chopsticks
I prefer the screwdriver and brick approach

{wether the brick is for opening oddbins window ? to get at wine is not stated.}
{<erm>now we've all been desperate but!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
A Yale type key an be used to rip and bite chumks out of the upper level of a cork, eventually popping the lower end down into the bottle. You ed up with slightly chewy wine, but it's esaier than the chopsticks sound....

by Potholer - caver, photographer, poet?, jobhunting C coder <huh>
According to an ex-Navy mate of mine, a good swing with a sword can be quite efficient, though there is the risk of broken glass getting into the wine.

As someone who habitually carries a small penknife with corkscrew around, I've only had to resort to brute force methods a couple of times, using a large screwdriver to push the cork into the bottle.
<biggrin> now for a more flashier method by daSilva
I've seen this done only with champagne bottles and a lead crystal champagne glass but here goes - hold the bottle at it's base firmly with one hand, at an angle with the neck say 30 degrees above the horizontal.
Now, holding the glass in the other hand, spider like fingers gripping the rim, press the bottom of the glass 'flat' against the neck near the shoulder, then very quickly slide the base of the glass up the neck (keeping it flat against the neck as you do so) and it should take the top off at the rim smoothly and what's more the glass should remain in one piece...

{And who said electricians are not bright sparks AlecTrician<injured>}

...a flat blade screwdriver can be used to extract the cork quite easily, as long as the blade is wider than the shank.
Push the screwdriver through the cork, turn it through 90 degrees,
and pull steadily, thus extracting said cork. (works with plastic or faux corche corks too){
<sad>.(plastic or faux corche corks ) not progress would prefer to see screw tops mind you car tyres must be reused some way.<silly>}l

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