Losers never cheat, and cheaters never lose

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If there is one thing the Rambling Misfits hate, it's to lose a softball game. That is why our crack team of strategists is hard at work, ensuring that we never ever end up on the wrong side of the score. Softball Hooligan Dudemeister is planning his next "disturbance," Party Animal Garibaldi is preparing to get some of our opponents wasted at The Bar, Biased Umpire Leeloo is practicing some of his worst calls, Amanda ;P is corking our bats and doctoring our softballs, and Icarus is working on some new insults to heckle the opposing team with.
Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing
Losing is not an option
Strategists also available for other sports, political debates, weddings, etc.
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