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Connie L

Living in a non-English speaking country makes it very difficult for me to remember the original film titles, but...

... is it "Sixth sense" ?

When did you actually realise that he had really been shot dead ?

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Gag Halfrunt

when he was shot.

but only beccause I was looking out for a twist, and that's the thing, if somebody even tells you there is a twist then you're on guard.

More modern films are going to have to be doubly twisty if they are going to advertise the factor of the twist itself, I cite Hary potter (Pheonix (order thereof)) as example.

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I was watching the 6th Sense in a media a-level class. Did you notice the use of red? Everytime Bruce WIllis's character appeared or there was about to be an encounter with a ghost there were a lot a red objects - for example, the red baloon that floats up the stairs at the birthday party, or all the red things in the cupboards that mysteriously open in the kitchen. interesting. smiley - smiley

I think just about everyone knows this film, whether they've seen it or not, 'The One Where Bruce Willis Is A Ghost But Doesn't Realise It.'

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Blood film! smiley - grr I wish someone would have told me the ending before I watched it.

My Tale Of Woe. WOE, I tell you!!

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I managed to avoid this movie being spoilt several times by pre-empting when people were going to give away the twist and covering my ears and going, "La-la-la-la-la! I'm not listening!" very loudly. Instances included on the Skinner and Baddeil Unplanned show and on some other, equally banal televisual tripe. However, it was still spoilt for me:

Presented for your consideration: A school classroom in Edinburgh, Scotland, in around the year 2001. The pupils are working hard away, including a devillishly handsome, blonde, young man (me). Suddenly, without warning, the teacher (a very sarcastic and thoroughly smart-ass character) looks up and says, "Can I have everyone's attention please? Bruce Willis is a ghost in "The Sixth Sense". Right, carry on! Thank you!"

Incensed, that charming, dashing and dapper young tyke lept up, grabbing the most dangerous-looking piece of stationery he could find and set about the teacher!! Unfortunately, that piece of stationery was a UHU glue stick and the teacher escaped unscathed.

Thank you for reading my tale of woe. smiley - wah


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wonko the sane

another flip-flop "oops the living arent the one's you think they are" movie? "The Others" starring Nicole Kidman

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Connie L

A good example of a movie spoiling another one...

Having watched "The 6th sense" twice already (but I will again, to check the "lots of red" thing), the twist in "The Others" was pretty obvious... It just took me some time to try and decide who are the dead ones.

Actually, until the last 5 minutes of the movie, they all are.

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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

Hmm, never realised Sixth Sense was supoposed to have a twist until I saw it. Loved every minute of it and was even shocked by the ending.

The Others I loved as well, though I must admit the fact of the ending didn't come as much of a surprise, but I must admit I didn't goi in expecting much vis-vis Sixth Sense.smiley - shrug

For a really good, spooky, non-wist in the tail ghost story, try 'The Devils Backbone'. Just plain scary, but not twisty...

smiley - shark

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

One of the best twists I have ever seen is in a portmanteau horror film: 'From Beyond the Grave (1973)'. This is a filmic anthology of four short R. Chetwynd-Hayes stories. The episode worth watching is with Donald and Angelica Pleasance called 'An Act of Kindness'. I defy anyone to claim they saw that ending coming.

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I too saw the ending of the sixth sense from the very beginning. I mean, come on! He was shot in the first five minutes and was bleeding to death. What did you expect, a holy resurrection?

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What gave it away for me was that he was wearing the SAME blue shirt he was shot in throughout the entire movie. Always opened two buttons from the neck.


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The VERY best twist I ever saw in a film was in Don't Look Back with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The ending of that film STILL gives me the shivers.


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David Brider

I knew the twist a long time before I saw the film. I saw it for the "first" time with someone who didn't know about the twist, and he was impressed by it. I was looking out for the clues.


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Steve K.

I saw "The Sixth Sense" before anyone ruined it for me. I think the first clue was when he visited the kid as a psychiatrist and the kid was petrified. Why would the kid be petrified by a normal person?
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tonemonkey(Steve Cooper, of BLiM fame (?!) contact me!)

I saw the twist when in the trailer the sprog said I see dead people....All the time to bruce, and thought oh Bruceys dead then.

Still I liked the movie twist or not.

On the subject of colour Knight (as I shall refer to the director, as I haven't a gnats chance of spelling his surnamesmiley - laugh) used a similar trick in Unbreakable. All the people who are "criminal" are dressed in bright colours when near Bruce, the rest of the world is bland and grey. Check out the lining on Samuel L's coat.

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Bright Blue Shorts

The colour red thing ... didn't your media studies teacher do well to spot that ... *sarcasm*

It wouldn't just be that it's mentioned in the extras on the video cassette or DVD, would it? M Night Shamalan mentions it there, along with a few flashbacks to push home the point ...

Have to admit I didn't see the twist coming ...

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I never heard that there was to be a twist. Haven't seen the movie. I think you have all saved me about two hours that I can put to better use.
Thanks, all.
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Err... was my media studies teacher supposed to find that out herself? smiley - erm The point is she told the class. Which is what you would expect of a media teacher.
On the subject of teachers, I have been shown this movie in class virtually every year. I don't know why - for some reeason or other we were shown it in RE. I saw it again before my GCSEs when we were locked up 'cos of an exam clash. Teachers just have no imagination. smiley - biggrin

And also every year *without fail* we were shown the episode of The Simpsons in which Homer starts his own religion. Every time. smiley - smiley

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Mu Beta

I got the Sixth Sense twist comparatively early - the dinner with his wife tipped me off big time.

It was the next one - Unbreakable - that I found really disappointing. The plot 'twist' was predictable in the extreme. I mean, every superhero must have a bad guy. And the bad guy is invariably some sort of social abnormal. How obvious was it?


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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

Just as i said to the people who complained that 'Signs' was bad science fiction, if either 6th Sense or Unbreakable had been about the twists then it's be a problem.

As neither of them are about that at all, it really doesn't matter.

smiley - shark

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