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Ferris Wheel

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Outside of the city in the amusement park is a huge Ferris Wheel. Definitely a must do while visiting the city.

Also, word of advice on money. If you arrive by train at nite, don't expect to be able to change money. You can't.

Ferris Wheel

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

It's the famous one that appeared in the film "The Third Man". It only has half the number of carriages you'll see in the movie though, because fire damaged a whole load of them during the war. If you want to be really swanky (a.k.a. broke afterwards), you can have dinner on one of the carriages. Don't know how many revolutions you get though, and you'd be lucky to get through your starter in just one...

Ferris Wheel

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soft whistle

Just for the money thing - the whole city is full of ATMs, called "Bankomat" where you can easily get cash with your credit card. day and night of course.

Ferris Wheel

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cloughie(Patron Saint of Flying Pigs)stop by my barbecue! A520318

Hello soft whistle. Sorry to interrupt, but I've been told to use my Guardian Angel powers to help a 'newbie' to H2G2 along. You may refuse my advice if you like, but if you have any ?'s, don't hesitate to ask. Actually, Galaxy Babe wants us to take TEN 'newbies under our wings, but I'm just going for one at a time(I have a life away from this damn computer!smiley - smiley) Cheers and "GET TO WORK ON YOUR HOMEPAGE!!!smiley - smiley)

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You can call me TC

As you haven't activated your page, I can't post you there. Maybe you'll read this:

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Ferris Wheel

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