Escape Pod Dreams, the novella, part tree

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Several light years away, as simple astronomical units go...

Simple Thigh lay still and unquivering, almost breathing in the stasis field of the escape pod. Sometimes he could not remember if it were a reward or a punishment that he was undergoing. He almost disremembered the explosion of the kitchen on the generation yacht. It had held a pungent smell of sweet unfecal matter, the sort you rarely wish to avoid smelling in a fir tree nursery on the boulevard of forgotten screams.

There were those almost unmemories of the childhood he'd never had, playing in the filthy sand at the artificial beach in New Fortinbras. Cavorting with the siblings he'd never known in the fading moonlight before they had to get on the long bus for school... A tertiary post-modern school with arts and crafts and food, glorious food!

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