Escape Pod Dreams, the novella, part do

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The Simmering Goddess of legend and comic book was very unhappy with the tales as they grew and wagged over the centuries, but she couldn't really descend unto every playground and break the heart of every little girl who retold or relistened to the engaging story of an unhappy unprincess who refused to be treated like a sissy and was punished for her pains by being forced to rain down on a forbidden plane in drops and gobbets of her own fluids and flesh until she learned the lesson that sometimes you don't get to decide what's important, you have to learn from your own discomfort how much of a blessing you might be to others in their troubles. Eventually you can get your sweet revenge by outliving them... or something almost but entirely near the opposite of that.

Anyway, the Simmering Goddess lived in quiet silliness, reveling occasionally in the adult feminist gradual student who accidently recognized her dancing naked in the staff room...

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