Do not adjust your movie screen!

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Well, you could ask the little dweeb in the booth to focus the damned projector lens and turn the noise down a tad.

Mindless twits!

I don't see why everything has to be so fragging LOUD!

THX, my Aunt's Tattooed Fanny! The audience is DEAFENED!

There is no reason in the world why every fart and bang has to be amplified to the point where one's personal heart rate is modified by the noisetrack in the cinema!

I mean, I've just about had it up to HERE with all this noise and bombast and percussive noise effects crap.

My daughter and I actually prefer to watch some of our flavorite movies with the sound down and watch the pretty pictures while listening to a recording of whales happily eating upset plankton or an old radio show with dead people telling old jokes to a long gone audience in a building that was torn down to build up a parking lot so Joni Mitchell fans could come back from the concert to find the hubcaps on their Volvos and Fiats still in place.

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