A Conversation for The Feline and Fiddle

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Post 481


*notices that Sam is sadly brooding over many smiley - ale, and not dancing with Ob*

smiley - sadface

Would you like to dance, Sam?

The Maverick Table

Post 482


Hold on a second...

There is a problem:

We've got three males here (including Ob), and we've got four (quite attractive I might addsmiley - winkeye) females. Someone will be left out, and I really don't want that to happen...

So let's see...

I really can't think without a drink.

*orders and drinks thirty-five smiley - stiffdrink*

Betttttter. smiley - drunk

Also, no one seems to want to dance with Ob...

Ah well. I'll try to dance with as many people as possible!

*runs to the dance floor and begins waltzing with whomever it is that feels like dancing with him*

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Post 483

Dizzy H. Muffin

[YK] I know! I'll get -- [exits for 3.5 seconds and returns with Mog the Moogle]

[Mog] May I present ... Yanci Creuger and Yeric Quick!

[Enter YC and YQ. They looks like YK, except YC's jacket is green instead of red and he has a ponytail, and YQ has blonde hair]

[YC] Hi, everyone.

[YK] Okay, so we got YK, YC, YQ, and YP (Ack!), and Wolfie, HRH, Suz and Purplejenny. Looks cool. Now all we need to do is match ourselves up.


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Post 484


I call...


I don't want to be a jerk. The females can duke it out! smiley - winkeye

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Post 485

Suz - *is gone*

smiley - blush well..........I think the person I want to dance with knows who he is....

The Maverick Table

Post 486


smiley - blushsmiley - biggrin

I'd be honored, My Lady.

*gets down on a knee and kisses Suz's hand*

Come, we shall dance until the morning breaks and the birds fill the sky once more!

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Post 487

Suz - *is gone*

smiley - blush oh, sir knight smiley - blush

*removes bowler hat as she cant see his face with it on,even though it is a very nice bowler hat*

That would be lovely, but what are we dancing to @ present?

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Post 488


*listens to the music for the first time since the barman first turned on the jukebox*

smiley - yikes
Is this waltz still going on?

*runs over and changes the record to...*

smiley - erm What should we listen to?

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Post 489

Suz - *is gone*

"Well thats killed the mood hasnt it..."

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Post 490




*puts the waltz back on*

Let us dance now, Lady Suz. Every second I'm not dancing with thee is a second of pain in my heart...

*they begin to waltz*

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Post 491

RedFish ><>

~appears, looks around~



The Maverick Table

Post 492

Suz - *is gone*

*feels she should point out that YP's Crazy Talk about me is due to a disease going around all her friends causing them to think she's even remotley nice.....*

Could you just tell me where your hands are please? Im too busy looking into your eyes.......

...well actually, Im watching that bloke over there who's trying to steal my smiley - stout...smiley - tongueout

The Maverick Table

Post 493


I've been looking into your eyes since we started dancing, so I have no idea where my hands have been either.

Hey! He's stealing my smiley - stout too!

Ah, well...

*continues to dance*

The Maverick Table

Post 494


Cool smiley - winkeyesmiley - stiffdrink Cheers!

The Maverick Table

Post 495

Suz - *is gone*

the cheeky.........

hehehe,no,but really,where are they?

*Steps back and picks up bowler hat she removed from his head earlier and smiley - winkeyes @ him*

<sorry,private joke,I hate it when people do them and you dont know what they're refering to smiley - tongueout

The Maverick Table

Post 496


I thought I left them around your waist. Though the urge to move lower was immense, I surpressed it, for there shall be no rudeness to spoil so glorious an evening.

Shall we continue to dance?

The Maverick Table

Post 497

Suz - *is gone*

*hehehe,notices him smiley - blushing*

Yes, we shall continue to dance smiley - smiley

The Maverick Table

Post 498


smiley - biggrin

*even more red after noticing Suz noticing him turning red*


*they continue to dance*

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Post 499

Suz - *is gone*

*smiley - blushing after he's turned redder after she noticed him turning red*
....but you're going now to go and dance with your mum smiley - sadface

*wanders back over to her table and sits down to find her glass empty,slumps her head into her hands and sighs...*

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Post 500

Queen Almasy, Godess of Haphazardness, Guardian of Smileys of Clan Mcthing, Ruler of Hedgehogs, Needing a hug

*grabs YK by the hand and asks him to dance*

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