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Hey, a little HEEEELLLLPPPP here??!??i?

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ENeerg - aka Whomever

Alright, now that I have your attention, hopefully experienced h2g2 user, I have a question to pose.
I just wrote an entry (incedentally on fake radio of WWII) and when I click "Preveiw" at the bottom, right after it says...

Body expecting P

I have no idea and/or/also clue what in Jargon's name this means, or how I can stop it, or if it affects me at ALL. I'm going up the wall here (which may be due to the lack of gravity, or stress), so could you please (big, whoooshing breath) HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP MMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!! (HELP ME, please, if you will).

~ENeergsmiley - wah

Hey, a little HEEEELLLLPPPP here??!??i?

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That P stands for paragraph. Usually people get told they need a to close a previously opened paragraph though.

Have you used HTML before (I'm not seeing any entries on your account, GuideML or not)? Are you perhaps mistaking for an end of paragraph break like a line feed or carriage return character? It isn't one. It is a tag which comes in opening and closing pairs enclosing the text of the paragraph.

Hey, a little HEEEELLLLPPPP here??!??i?

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This means that you used a tag, presumably at the beginning of a paragraph, but didn't use a , which would go at the end of a paragraph.

For every opening tag in GuideML, like , you need a closing tag, like . So every time you see a at the beginning of a paragraph, make sure you use a or you'll get that error message. smiley - smiley

smiley - blacksheep

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Hey, a little HEEEELLLLPPPP here??!??i?

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