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Good idea by the way

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To start these conversations here, good idea.

Very good thinking I think. Don't you think? smiley - winkeye

Good idea by the way

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Oh, indeed.
smiley - fish

Good idea by the way

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I am enjoying it more already. We can relax a bit more.

Good idea by the way

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Zach Garland

It's certaintly better than.. well, uhm... it's better than a lot of things that I can't quite think of right now. I had a funny, but I lost it.

It's certaintly better than most of my funnys.

It's certaintly better than sticking bamboo stalks up one's fingernails, that's for sure...

Good idea by the way

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But not quite better than sticking them up someone else's fingernails.

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