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Euro-centrists at H2G2 Towers

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Jimi X

Your list of places to go on holiday on this planet all share one thing in common - they're in Europe!! smiley - sadface
What about the other continents?!? I've heard that most of these places are small and dirty and everyone there speaks the wrong language! Who would want to go there?!?!?

smiley - tongueout

All kidding aside, are there plans for American/Asian/African cities in the future?
While I'd love to be sent to Paris for a week to do research, odd are better that I'll get Erie, Pennsylvania. It's cheaper and closer to where I live. smiley - winkeye

PA-Centrist subs

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Come on, everything's not in Pennsylvania either. Sheesh, you're just like a lot of these Pittsburghers who won't go out of their neighborhoods, let alone out of the state. smiley - winkeye (Just kidding.)

Actually, I've been doing a bit of slight nudging about the Euro-centric stuff myself (not just these places, of course). I imagine these places may have been picked due to some in-house knowledge or whatever. And it's just a beginning thing you know? But sometimes other bits seem rather Euro- or even very specifically UK-centric. But that's one of the good things that can arise from having all of us around. We can point that kind of thing out.

PA-Centrist subs

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The Dancing Tree

I agree *almost* totally. However, even just a brief look at the web in general will prove how US oriented the whole thing is. It's quite refreshing to have a major site based somewhere else, and oriented in a more European manner, at least in part. I guess if people want other continents to be covered they should write an article. The current ones have been developed on in house knowledge.

PA-Centrist subs

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Zach Garland

Wherever you live can be a tourist trap - er, I mean a wonderful place for people to go and spend their holiday!

Please feel free to write up a guide entry about wherever you live, or any place you've been to for a vacation that you personally enjoyed, or didn't. Among many other things, we would like to see h2g2 become a place where people go to contemplate where they've been, where they're going, and even where they are right now. Try looking over the recent holiday place guide entries Mark just put up, and see if you can use them as templates for putting together your own. Then when you have your guide entry just the way you like, submit it for approval.

As field researchers, the field you are in RIGHT NOW is ripe with potential material for guide entries. Don't overlook your own backyard.

PA-Centrist subs

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Hehe, I don't disagree with any of that. I tend to offer up the points I do not because I necessarily agree or want to be confrontational, but because I want the project to succeed, and if it's too focused on Europe and comes too much from that point of view it's going to turn off one huge audience. For eventual commercial success, it's likely going to have to appeal to a rather general audience in the States as well as elsewhere.

At other times, I poke fun just to be confrontational. smiley - winkeye

Euro-centrists at H2G2 Towers

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Of course we will. We just have to start somewhere.

And if anyone gets to go to Paris to do research it's going to be me and Mark. smiley - winkeye

Euro-centrists at H2G2 Towers

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Jimi X

I was told travel to foreign lands was one of the "perks" of being a Subbie! smiley - winkeye
TPTB need to stay in the office and run things while we do the "hard" work....

Euro-centrists at H2G2 Towers

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I think if you're going to Paris you'd better do it on the QT, otherwise you'll have a forty-foot long queue of h2g2 researchers all trying to hide in your luggage.

I baggsy the biggest suitcase!


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