A Conversation for The Post Christmas Poetry Competition 2006 - The Entries

Am I Too Late?

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Loved RoseQuartz's because of its various dimensions and the beauty still clings to the image even as it swiftly descends from what seems like riches to poverty. Captain Slogg and Beatrice also have amusing and honest takes on life. Good comment.

So how does one enter? Where are the instructions? Here's mine...........

I’ll always remember the Christmas of ‘06
That tree in the corner, its dastardly tricks.
We’d all bought presents and wrapped them around
With foil and tinsel, 3 metres a pound.
All those presents looked lovely, shiny and bright
What could they all be, I wondered all night.
One I caught sight of nestling there
With a glittery bow and mysterious air,
Its label said: “Freda, just for you
With love from us all and it’s even brand new.”
I tried so hard to resist the desire
To open, poke, shake it or guess its buyer.
And finally, at last, the big day came
It didn’t really snow but neither did it rain.
We ate our mince pies and drank mulled wine,
Sat by the fireside for present giving time.
I squared up to that box with the glittery bow
Well, imagine my surprise: the tree wouldn’t let it go.
“That’s mine!” said the tree with a fearsome roar.
We all fell back, the cat flew out the door.
Well, we never had noticed that the cat had wings.
At Christmas, they do the most extraordinary things.
smiley - run

Am I Too Late?

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Post Team

I'm sorry, but the deadline for the Christmas competition was prior to the publication of this issue. The competition is now over and the votes will soon be tallied. Thank you for posting your poem, though. Should you wish to submit poetry - or anything else, for that matter - I recommend you check out the submission guidelines at U54963.smiley - smiley

EMRsmiley - thepost (Editor)

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