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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

Alright, the Potentate of Pletheral Punishment has some questions he seriously wants answered. FIRST: He can continue to use the word "Bossoms" is sermons, right? SECOND: Speaking of Bossoms, the Potetnate studies at the University of Arizona where there is a large population of women with large Mammary Glands. He knows not how many hail from California, but he does know that there wrere posters up recently proclaiming an autograph session with two of the three UofA girls featured in October's Playboy... Shall the Potentate begin recruiting? FOURTH: If so, does he need a second "Name of Power" to use as a recruting front (Pletheral Punishment isn't all that attractive to prospective cultists)? FIFTH: Shall we outlaw the number THREE? SIX: Do you find it annoying when the Potentate refers to himself in the third person? SEVENTH: Where do we stand on policy towards the Middle East?

Cultish Questions

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In no specific order, to avoid being followed....
7th:- Kettering is in the Middle East! Verily ye should gaze upon a map of the UK and ye shall see not quite half way up England and a little to the right, the Shire town of Northampton (home, it has been revealed, of Shazz). Near to this town is Kettering. In the EAST MIDlands.

All big religions have their cultish roots in the MIDdle EAST.smiley - smiley

1st:- Bosoms or Possums?

5th:- We may have use for a holy trinity at some point -maybe outlaw another number, like..... aaargh, I cannot speak its name.

2nd:- Damn right. If life is a beach, as Californians keep telling me, then all of the US must by default be Californian. Recruit those Laydeez.


4th:- If you like. But don't confuse other cultists with it. Kettering is confusing enough.

Yea. The Pariah has pronounced.smiley - winkeye

Cultish Questions

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Play Possum = pretend to be dead, ignorant, asleep etc in order to deceive an opponent

Play with Bosoms = yes please

The possum strategy seems an excellent way to approach the U of A maidens

Cultish Questions

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Sounds splendid. Bag 'em up and send 'em over!

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