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Editor's Recommendation for the Weekend

Guaranteed to put a smile on your friends' faces and a squiggly pink wig on your head, Silly String is a must-have party accessory for all occasions... particularly if you're a student and have just started college this week.

Other interesting entries added today include:
Boot Fairs;
Santa Monica Promenade, USA
and Working Over the Weekend.

This selection was brought to you by the h2g2 Five-a-Day Guarantee: we promise to bring you at least five brand new official guide entries every day of your working week. You can also see all the entries put up over the last month. Impress your friends! Develop your cocktail-party conversation skills! Learn how to integrate the word 'fecund' into everyday usage! It's all here at h2g2, the ever-growing guide to life on Earth.

[email protected]: Column 7

In his latest quest to show that all subjects are somehow interlinked and related to each other - and that concept is at the heart of h2g2, in case you hadn't spotted it - [email protected] takes a stroll that takes us from darkness to Faraday. It's a fascinating journey...

If you've missed out on past [email protected] columns, fear not for help is
at hand. Tucked away in the bowels of h2g2 is a complete collection of past [email protected] articles for
your delectation and edification. Share and enjoy.

A Call for Unfinished Business of the Century

In case you've been avoiding TV, newspapers and magazines for the last two years* you'll know that it's not long to the millennium. This, however, is causing a serious problem: what about all the unfinished business we need to clear up before the rollover to 2000?

This issue has been worrying Douglas Adams for some time, so he's launched his call for unfinished business of the century - we want you to help us identify all the loose ends we've left dangling in the twilight of the 20th century that we need to stitch up before it's too late. We just know you're up to it.

* A surprisingly sensible option, in our opinion.

Ask h2g2

It really is proving rather fun, this Ask h2g2 section. Only the other day our Producer was telling me how he'd managed to find out the answer to a question that had perplexed him for years - why arm hair is short when head hair is long - and I discovered from the same source why adverts always sound louder than the programmes they so rudely interrupt.

You see, h2g2 is a wonderfully intelligent community, bursting with the quest for knowledge and spouting more ideas than a hyperactive child prodigy. To tap into this almost infinite resource go along and have a look at Ask h2g2 in action... and if you want to ask or answer a question yourself, fire away and wait for the response.

After all, knowledge is power, and in the absence of a carbohydrate-rich diet, we humans need all the power we can get.

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