The Theodore

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An old-fashioned sailing ship.
This is a pirate ship, christened "The Theodore" and constructed by Captain Jenny Bonney. It is not entirely constructed yet, so BE PATIENT those that are having the ship built for them.

Following will be a great number of things that are of partial interest to a few people. This ship will be donated, fully crewed, to someone, I can't remember who, who is now in charge of another pirate fleet, . The donated crewmembers are:
Man falling out of bed
ESME FALOUTABEDD: The lookout who is continuously falling out of bed, and falling asleep at the post, so not really a very good lookout, but still a lookout.
Alex Porfir Borodin in a chemistry set
This is Bob. Bob is the chief navigator. He's not very good at it, but still....we did need someone who would do the job for no pay.
Service with a smile - a friendly lady
A friendly lady named Sally Salmon who sells sauce in many varieties to the crewmembers.

These are the ablest of crewmembers, and come with 'The Theodore' free of charge. They are, of course, not real, which usually hinders their job, but we can't be prejudiced on 'The Theodore'.

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