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Rather than bless the water, which by its very nature requires the permenant services of a priest to continually and repeatedly bless relatively small amounts of water in pint or litre units, would it not be more cost-effective to bless the tap, so that ANY water running through it at ANY point becomes blessed by it passage through the holy Faucet?

Ditto a priest-blessed high pressure hose or water-cannon - surely the equivalent of a machine-gun for knocling out vampires by the multiple, as opposed to the bespoke service usually bestowed when they came ast you one at a time in the good old days of Bram Stoker?

In this less gentle (Buffy or Anne Rice age) they come at you in gangs so you need some sort of heavy weapon for dealing with them...

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And what is the active ingredient in daylight that causes vampires to crumble to dust and trolls to turn to stone?

I mean, two thousand years ago we chewed birch bark when we had a headache, for the natural aspirin it contained. We didn't know the active ingredient was maybe a ten or so microgrammes of aspirin in every ounce of birch bark, so we were ingesting a lot of neutral or un-necessary byproduct that we didn't need - it took clever chemists to synthesise aspirin and prove this.

So what is in daylight that is not present in more muted moonlight or starlight?

A possible answer is actinic light which can be synthesised in those clever daylight-effect lightbulbs used in Scandewegia to combat the effects of Arctic winters. (And why doesn't Swede or Norway have a vampire mythos? January in Lapland should be jolly for a vampire - no daylight at all)

Load a torch with daylight-imitating bulbs at high wattage, or better still a military searchlight, and we have an anti-vampire weapon....

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Or in aromatherapy: pure essential oil of garlic.... some mythologies also have it that a potent vampire-killer is aesofoetida. given what the plant smells like, its essential oil must hit a vamp like a microdrop of nerve gas... in fact, like nerve gas, this can be delivered as a very effective aerosol...

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I guess the reason the vamps didn't come to Norway was because of all the chaos and mayhem at the early dawn of time.. (the vikings and all..) and even if they did, there is a lot of mythical creatures written about in Norwegian history, and I guess that some of the writings have never been found, since we tended to write on rock(runes) and these days; Norway is a highly developed country, and we watch out for our citizens.. which also means, since there is only living like 5 million people here(about the same as in LA alone) spread out over the whole big country, any abnormalities would have been discovered and exposed quite quickly, which means if the vamps want to keep a low profile this ain't the country for them.

that's my theory though.. no idea why they aren't in Sweden(that is if they aren't...)

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