Freiburg im Breisgau

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What do you get if you merge the specific southern flair of the mediterranean area (i.e. some palms in flower pots in the city center), the provinicality of southern Germany and the lifestyle of some thousand students? Right - a nice-to-live-in-but-sometimes-a-bot-boring town, with some of the hottest and sunniest days in Germany or the whole of Middle Europe. Some special features of this town: an old and high sacral building called "M√ľnster" [pron. Miinsta], a old university, some very interesting new quartiers called Rieselfeld and Vauban, a fresh groceries market, a bit of green and eco and solar politics, and the black forest some steps out of your house, into the tram, to the central station, into the train, out of the train and some hundert metres into the forest. Then you're there and can look out for trees or go back.

Some special remark to (a) Rieselfeld and (b) Vauban. Rieselfeld is a good example for a post-modernistic, planned new quartier, the 90ies equivalent to the satellit towns of the 60ies and 70ies, only better. They have tried to introduce a good lot of urbanity into that Rieselfeld, to connect it to the tram system, to do some interesting and not-so-boring architecture, etc., etc. One isn't so sure if this works really, but time will tell.

Vauban on the other hand is an area once used by the French forces, now also build into a new quartier. There are some public action groups and student housing initiatives, and so suddenly it turned out that the lifestyle of the Vauban area is quite a bit more interesting as the lifestyle of the planned Rieselfeld area. What a pity, hmm?

For more information about how the town sees itself look at - that's the official page about it.

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