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Not, as their name would suggest, a hybrid of a Cow and a Young Male. Cowboys are tough men with weathered skin, whose legs, through a slow evolutionary process, have grown into wide arcs which naturally surround a horse's belly. This makes it difficult for these men to walk without the aid of a horse, and so the two have become inextricably linked.

There are very few real cowboys left today, their numbers having fallen into steady decline following the vicious infighting which tore across the plains after the torching of the last Hairdressing Saloon, owned by Wayne Earl. The only real cowboys left are to be found in the building trade. They have managed to conceal their identity so successfully that they are seldom recognised while they are at work. Usually the tell-tale signs only come to light after they have passed on to other pastures. To the trained eye, the evolutionary leg-bend is still noticeable by the difficulty these men have in finding trousers that will stay on their hips.

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