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How do I put a smiley next to my name( and for it to stay there too)?

Smiley Next To Name

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If you mean within your nickname, then you are limited to using old-fashioned text smileys (which won't be converted into graphics unlike the ones within posts).

Smiley Next To Name

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Hi, I mean at the end of an entry.

Smiley Next To Name

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You don't seem to have any entries (ie article pages) at the moment as not even your personal space page has content yet. smiley - erm So you could start by editing that. While it is still in plain text mode, you add smileys just the same way as you would when posting comments:

: - ) without the spaces becomes smiley - smiley

and for non-standard smileys you use angle brackets:

< choc > without the spaces becomes smiley - choc

It's only a little bit more complicated with entries in GuideML format:

<SMILEY TYPE="choc"/>

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