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Can a be considered SPAM?

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

Because I started a line over at F79114?thread=3596551 , pleading for a smiley. smiley - biggrin

Can a be considered SPAM?

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If you start too many threads demanding the same thing (especially posted in inappropriate places), it could count as spam. However, one-off smiley campaign threads are quite traditional and wouldn't normally count as spam in themselves.

You could keep using (eg as a sign-off) in posts anyway, on the off-chance that one day a smiley file of that name will be added and instances of the text will be automatically transformed into an image on display.

I already have some piggies though - including my TABLE art "piggles" (ie flying pig, hence crossed with Biggles). But I also have little GIFs for use elsewhere.

Can a be considered SPAM?

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

Having seen that this page also seems a place that people are leaving requests, I figured a second one would not over-load the system too badly.

And yes, Venus and I did look at your graphical creations. When you suggested it 4 or 5 weeks ago. You HAVE put some serious time and effort in to the craft, eh? smiley - smiley

Meanwhile, I have been posting , against that vague possibility. smiley - laugh

Can a be considered SPAM?

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Have I missed something or am I too anal to see the double joke?

SPAM - ???

Spam is always piggy..

..but a will not always become Spam!

I mean there's pork chops to be considered for a start (mmmm pork chops)

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