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Why and 'ant', but no 'roach'?

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Hey, What's with this?

Roaches have been around a whole lot longer. Don't they deserve a smiley?

Why and 'ant', but no 'roach'?

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It's the light from the monitors - they run away and hide too quickly for you to see them. There could well be some skulking in dark corners or scuttling round the edges of the frames, just out of view.

Why an 'ant', but no 'roach'?

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And, you could be right. One of my favorite old-time screensavers allowed you to select a number of roaches, that would then hide under images on your desktop. You could uncover them, but they'd just scurry away again to hide.

BTW: I noticed all the help you were giving Starfleet. Did you ever get those problems with editing solved? Suspect that you're either an Ace or a Guru.

Have a great weekend! smiley - towel

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