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Body Piercing Trivia! -Smileys

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Just on a side note .. there's a particular piercing that is becoming very popular called a Smiley. It's a tiny hoop or barbell through the webbing above your front teeth, underneath the lip, that connects your upper lip to your gums. It's called a Smiley because it's particular location makes it hard to see unless you smile really big. It's also known as a Scrumper. Believe it or not, it's painless.

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Body Piercing Trivia! -Smileys

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Having worn a brace for much of my teenage years I can't think of anything worse to do to myself. Probably looks good on other people though. smiley - biggrin

Body Piercing Trivia! -Smileys

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HeavyasMetal - "Guardian of the Blessed Thurday" "Warrior of the No-Things" "Master of all things Random"

I think they should definatley make a BCR (Ball Closure Ring) Smiley, most people mention peircings in their profiles, so this would be reguarily used!!


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