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Ok so maybe a hitchhikers guide related site is not the best place to talk about another author but I would like to prattle on for a bit about Terry Pratchetts discworld and if anyone complains I'll try and accomodate their wishes.

For those of you that don't know the Discworld travels through space on the back of 4 giant elephants which in turn travels on the back of Great A'tuin the star Turtle.
Now many of you would say that this is daft and indeed it is, but that is the whole appeal of these books.

Now on the Discworld live a myriad of races including human, dwarfs and the silicon based trolls. Not to mention witches, wizards, elves and sapient travel accessories.

The books often revolve around different characters but there are always a few that appear in practically all of them. The Librarian is a good example of this, a man turned into an Ourang-Utan by a magical accident who now pointed refuses to be turned back and often resorts to needless violence to get his message across.
Another fun character is Death, no I have not gone more crazy than usual, I do mean the Skeleton with the scythe who can usually be replied upon for some comic relief. Especially in the knowledge that his great white horse goes by the name Binky.

So far my favourite books have been those to feature the guards in the biggest Discworld city of Ankh Morpork. It's kind of difficult to explain why though, I just like the way the characters gel together with humans, a adopted dwarf (7 foot tall), dwarves, trolls and a werewolf.

However it is usually in the more incidental scenes or often in the footnotes, those that are entirely irrelevant to the plot, that the most humourous parts can be found.

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