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MASTODON: what's up with that?

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Baron Grim

So, with Elon Musk burning down twitter, some folks are moving to Mastodon (note spelling). I'm thinking I should at least create an account sooner than later if I want a prefered username. The first thing I encounter is I need to chose a server. But I know Rockall about the site and even less about their servers.

Is anyone here familiar with the place and care to share some advice, recommendations, or tips?

MASTODON: what's up with that?

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h2g2 Guide Editors

We've been keeping a watching brief over on Twitter. Mastodon seems to be an interesting entity, being a collection of servers owned by different people for different groups (eg people interested in horticulture, or different periods of history) but which can also communicate between each other.

No idea about how to go about finding and choosing a server, though. Help from other h2g2ers would be much appreciated smiley - mammoth

MASTODON: what's up with that?

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paulh. Don't accept substitutes

smiley - bigeyes

MASTODON: what's up with that?

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Bald Bloke

I am on there as @[email protected]
mas.to is UK based and fairly busy.
You might want to look for one nearer you.

Just getting used to it, It's a bit like Twitter, but almost completely unlike twitter.

For a start, there is no master algorithm pushing ads / suggestions at you, you need to seek out those you want to follow.
Also, you can follow #tags, e.g. #h2g2

@mastodon.social is the original & largest server (I think)

Because each server is individually owned / run, they can all have different house rules.
Pick one that you can get onto, is not overloaded, and you agree with their rules.
Because it is federated, you can follow people on other servers, by using their full address.

Try this for a better explanation...

MASTODON: what's up with that?

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Bald Bloke

For finding servers there are.

MASTODON: what's up with that?

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Icy North

I'm on Mastodon too.

I'm using the mastodon.ie server, as the UK ones are so busy right now, but I'm sure it will all settle down.

If anyone does join, please add the #h2g2 hashtag into your info, so we can find each other.

It's a little harder finding people to follow on Mastodon, as you can't see people's followers on other servers - you have to discover them in other ways.

It's a new way of building a social network, and it should be fun. It's free, has no ads, and, being federated, it should be impervious to the vanity of billionaires.

MASTODON: what's up with that?

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Baron Grim

Thanks, BB and Icy, very helpful information. smiley - biggrin

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