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This was getting a bit unwieldy on my Projects Page, so I've moved the bulk of it here. This serves no purpose other than to make me feel good, and it's easier to find stuff than to go digging through the Entries lists for two seperate accounts.

Solo Edited Entries

These are Entries I've conceived, researched and written entirely on my own.

h2g2 University - Department of Social Sciences.

h2g2 University

by broelan

The St Louis Arch in Missouri.

by Milos

A roadside billboard, the basis for an ingenious advertising campaign.

Flea Market Rescues

Hands brandishing sticks beating a donkey-shaped Pinata, which is suspended in the air - graphic by Community Artist Jimster.

These are Entries that I found in various states of completion in the Flea Market that I've either brushed up just a bit or nearly rewritten entirely.

by broelan

by Milos

Collaborative Entries

These are Entries mostly written by me with assistance or contributions from other Researchers; or substantial segments I've lent to others' work.

by broelan

by Milos

Some pizza.

Contributions to Community Entries

These are Entries compiled by other Researchers from group discussions about the topics. I participated in the discussions and some of my input was used in the final Entries.

by broelan

by Little Mischief

Peer Review Contribution Credits

These are Entries by other people who have used specific information I contributed during the Peer Review process, and who have chosen to credit me for my contributions.

by Milos

1The Editors retitled this Wrapping Up Warm, but I like my title better.

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