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Here at h2g2, we know you are busy. We understand about your lifestyle. The many demands made upon your time. We know that from the moment you open your eyes to the moment your head touches the pillow - often in the wee small hours, after a relentlessy gruelling day - you are subject to endless pressures. The people, the little people: people who can't run their own lives and look to you to sort them out. The pressing throng of admirers and wellwishers. The constant financial demands of your advisors, wasting your time trying to maximise your investments, not realising - little people, little people - that a few per cent here or there makes no difference to one like you.

And the responsibilities. Frankly, here at h2g2, we sometimes wonder how you cope. Knowing that without you... well, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Yet still the demands continue. You can do without them. Particularly the demands of columnists and political commentators. So we have prepared this simple point-and-click opinion generator, using the latest Think-U-Like™ technology. Just click one item in each category and, hey presto!, there's a ready opinion.

Think-U-Like™. Because We Know You're Busy®.


Jerry Springer running for office

That damn-fool eclipse everyone's talking about

Tony Blair's private holiday beach in Italy

Robert Downey Jr. getting three years in pokey

Gun control laws

New Age travellers threatening our ancient monuments

The inexorable rise in property prices

Hugh Grant's haircut


Decency, violence and the moral life of the inner city

Attacks on UN peace-keeping forces in Sierra Leone

Digital television

American sponsorship of the Royal Opera House

The way the pet trade is wiping out the world's rare parrots

Chocolate ostensibly protecting us against cancer

The world Burger King Boycott


Wonder what all the fuss is about

Feel sick to my stomach




All bugger off

Pull themselves together.

See? That wasn't so hard, was it? Now go back.

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