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Entry: Lazy Town - A13996434
Author: Ix_Prefect - U1549493

Surprised no one has written about Lazy Town before.

A13996434 - Lazy Town

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steve-paul ---- no lyrics!!<wah>

i'm not, i've never heard of it!smiley - biggrin

te Cake Song = The Cake Song

what is YTMND?

SPsmiley - winkeye

A13996434 - Lazy Town

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

neither had I till now whats Nick Jr?

A13996434 - Lazy Town

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Good start, my daughter quite enjoys this show - she's of the age.

However, some indication that the show is a mix of puppeteering, CGI and live action might be good, I think that's some of its charm.

You've captured the essence nicely though smiley - laugh

Have a look around the Edited Guide at some of the other Entries written about children's programming to get more of an idea about what you could add or how to improve your Entry;

Here's some:

A505775 Bagpuss

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And I think Lazy Town is also broadcast on C-Beebies as well as Nick Jr now. smiley - smiley

A13996434 - Lazy Town

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Cool, I'll have a look and see what I can do.

YTMND (www.ytmnd.com) stands for "You're The Man Now Dog!". Its a silly site where users create ytmnds (websites consisting of one image in the background with a looping sound over the top). It got its name from the very first ytmnd which featured Sean Connery shouting "You're the man now dog!". They have these little fazes when everyone makes a ytmnd about a certain topic or fad. Quite recently there have been loads of lazy town parodies on there.

A13996434 - Lazy Town

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bunnyfrog will never die

Lazy town is also on CBBC (or Childrens BBC1 for the americans).
I occasionally watch it and giggle despite my advanced years and wonder exactly how they get her hair that wonderful shade of pink...

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