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Opeth is one of the better bands in Sweden and perhaps the world. Opeth play a
brand of progressive extreme metal totally original and inspiring to behold. Their songs
are on the epic side of things, with song lengths reaching up to twenty minutes in
length. On average, their songs are just over ten minutes in duration.
Each song is packed densely with intense riffs, sonorous melodies, rich and textured
ambience, subtle jazz touches and extended acoustic segements (heavily indebted to
classical and folk styles). The band is both technically profecient and skillfully able to
convey a wide range of emotions. While the band is progressive, Opeth never
travels down the King Crimson road towards the truly avant garde ot falls into the
genre cliches of extreme or progressive metal.
Opeth's vocalist, Mikael Akerfeldt has an impressive voice. He alternates between
the shrieks of death/black metal (full of suffering and anguish) and a clean, resonant
voice filled with emotion and beauty. The lyrics of Opeth deal with the tragedy of
loss, quasi-existenital despair and coming to terms with mortality. The music well
reflects these lyrical, often pastoral themes- warm and inviting one minute, and the rush
of a storm the next.
Opeth is a band with an eye for beauty, darkness and the power of a steady course
leading progressively toward eruption. Opeth is considered by many to be one of the
great bands currently active. Each song is a self-iclusive symphony, full of emotion,
power and beauty- leaving the listener in complete awe.

Highly recommended- that is, if you can tolerate distorted vocals.

Mikael Akerfeldt: Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Peter Lindgren: Electric and acoustic guitars
Johan DeFarfalla: Bass guitar
Anders Nordi: drums and precussion

The lineup has changes, but I'm bot farmiliar with the newer members.

Morningrise (the best in my opinion)
My Arms, Your Hearst

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