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Upcoming and Proposed Meets

Oxford Meet

Discussions are underway on this page. The Meet has provisionally
been set to take place on 8th of November
and will include ice skating, eating and drinking. Visit the
Oxford, 2003 page to sign up and
find out more... or this splinter thread.

East Midlands Mini-Meet

An East Midlands Mini-Meet is currently being planned Here. The date and location are provisionally set as Derby, Saturday 15th November. So far there are six prospective attendees and more would be welcome!

The First Official Ireland Meet

This has been scheduled to take place on 22nd November, 2003. All those interested in attending should drop by
the Ireland Researchers page to
find out more and sign up!

Christmas 2003 London Meet

Preparations for the London Christmas meet are taking place over at The Unofficial h2g2 Christmas Party 2003 page. This year looks as if it is an 'unofficial' affair; as the Italics are now diminished in number, so the 'community' has taken up the challenge of 'organising' it. Researches have begun signing up in the threads off the entry. Currently the date is the 10th January, no venues or activities are yet fixed, but suggestions for both are welcome.

Devon/New Zealand?

Researcher Nick mentions this strange combination in this conversation. Any takers or ideas


The purpose of this Entry is to provide a Zone for Researchers to inform each other of their free time and movements so that they can hopefully find out when and where all or some of them can meet up in the future with the minimum of inconvenience to enjoy each other's company out there in the real world.



The newly re-tuned h2g2 Radio Stationis now open for business. Studio 1 houses Little Miss Naughty - h2g2's latest Agony Aunt - whilst over in Studio 2 you can leave a random quote.

Conversation encouraged on all aspects of music from Rock 'n
Roll to the 80s - or suggest your own category!


An important event on the calendar! The Village de la Vavoom's Second Annual Harvest Festival 2003 is now in full swing. Some stalls still need hosts and some are already up and running. Enter competitions, visit the circus, eat ice cream or
popcorn or just call in for a convivial time and a few drinks.


You enter a dark cave and see many tall beings, all of whom look very threatening. The one that is clearly the leader comes up to you and says 'You have a simple choice human - die now on the blades on my Incubi Cadre or be carried into the night where you will die a
thousand deaths at the hands of my Haemonculi. There is still one more choice. You may join us'

This game is based around the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop Miniature game, but anyone interested in hacking up everyone up should join The Dark Eldar now! Plenty of openings still available!


'The Dungeon Master's laughter echoes eerily through the void. Suddenly there is a great flash of light, and he is standing tall before you!...

The thing he was carrying under his arm turns out to be an ancient book of lore which he opens and shows you a page called...


If you enjoy RPG adventures then H2G2 RPG is the place to go! The first game is to be found at FirstWorld



h2g2 Climate Prediction Group

This group of researchers are all running a distributed computing 'climate prediction model' utilizing the spare processing power of their computers. The aim is to improve the climate models currently used by scientists, and hence come up with better answers as to what we, as a people on our one small planet, need to do about global warming. Run by GreyDesk


Moon Moaners

This is a society for those who wish to complain that Jupiter has more moons than we have which has recently been formed by Toy Box


Language Thing

We are here for people who speak in one language (or more) to, if they wish, talk to those who don't but aim to. Or do, but need practice. All languages are welcome. Hopefully you'll work a sort of swapping 'Looking for mate to jabber High German to whilst they practice Latin on me'. Subscribe and tell all what you either have or want; currently a sort of email based thing, please discuss if you have a better idea.



Since the dawn of H2G2 (and probably the net, too), Smileys have been accepted as accurate forms of communication of feelings and/or ideas. We would like to expand on the idea of the smiley, just a little. We call ourselves CAVE [The Campaign to Allow Violent Emoticons]. Our mission is to make violent, explosive, destructive, or otherwise cruel and unusual smiley images a part of H2G2.


Cello Club

A club for everyone who plays cello, wants to play cello, pretends to play cello, or thinks that celli look good.


United Bedroom Confederacy

Declare your bedroom a Republic and join the fight against
Sockism. Not to be taken seriously.



The Post Links Page points you towards the best of h2g2. Everything from information and campaigns to eating and drinking venues, virtual lands or clubs.

The Post Archives are a repository for all things Post related. Divided into easy-to-use categories, they get bigger at a frightening pace. Well worth a visit, whether to re-read a favourite article or catch up on something you missed.


All entries for this feature should be mailed to [email protected]

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