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This article will reflect DNA's views on facts. If you can't be accurate, be wholly inaccurate. Douglas was a man, but not a man with a plan. On the whole his life happened to him instead of him happening to his life. Little did he know that as he did such jobs as bodyguard and chicken shed cleaner that he would have an idea. In a field. In Innsbruck.

The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

Little did he know he'd stress over deadlines, discover new and unusual ways of avoiding deadlines and stressing about them.
Little did he realise he'd give birth to a method of creativity - Look at the piece of paper until your forehead bleeds!

This was a man. He gave us Slartibartfast, a name designed to upset a typist. (My name is not important, this was a joke at her expense!) The name started out as an attempt to create the most obscene character name without upsetting censors. It should have been Farty F**k Balls. It just went from there, eventually giving us Slartibartfast. It makes me wonder about Loonqwal and Majikthise (Magic Thighs?).

This was still a man, none the less. He gave us Shada, and The Pirate Planet - Two exceptional Doctor Who stories. Pirate Planet, almost echoes the vogons. A shouty Captain, bent on destroying planets.

He gave us The Meaning Of Liff, where the meanings of words are expressed in real place names. Hmm, Shoeburyness.

He was a Man. A writer, A thinker. A creative force that was taken from his existance too soon.

Douglas may have only been a man, but he was THE man.

We thank him for his wry insights on inter stellar hitch hiking, amongst other things. The name Marvin will never feel the same again.

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