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Browsing the BBC I found my article I want to

write about; Liberia is just too complicated... but, then so

is 'issue'. It always pulls me in, though, when I see news

stories about humans playing god again.

China Cloning

Apparently, in China, a three-parent baby was almost

created- which, if successful, would have been the entire

worlds' first child to be derived of three people. Two women,

and one man. Ironically the women implanted with this egg, or

some sort of transfusion of two eggs and a sperm, began to
develop triplets. Doctors in China aborted one of the babies

to give the other two some hope of survival, however both

died - one at four months development and the next at five

months. The doctors say it has nothing to do with the

procedure they used, it was all simply about the mothers body

not being designed to develop three children. Which, in my

opinion, is a load of crap.

For those of us who are religious, we see these scientists

playing god, which is ethically and morally wrong and, to top

the icing of the cake, if the procedure fails it's obviously

telling you you're not suppose to be doing this. Even if you

dont believe it god, I'm sure you see some of this stuff
(depending on how you view what life is and is not) as

ethically wrong.

But look where we're coming out of1 - China, a

fast-moving country riding the United States close behind for

the worlds super power. They've set their man up in space,

and now they're practicing types of cloning! I'd be scared

but, if it's a little comforting, the original technology

which - according to a British Doctor - has already been 'out

there' for years, was given to the Chinese by none other than

the United States.

Which brings us to the suspicious area. The news story

itself doesn't actually touch on this but, if you think about

it, the FDA2 banned cloning here in the United States and

shortly afterwards all the US cloning research and

technologies are given to China. At what expense!? Obviously

so they can continue the research for the Americans (whether

the government knows or not, though they probably do) due to

the fact that these details were released a week or two ago

at a medical conference in Texas, US.

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Michigan Ambassador

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1I'm sorry to

any Chinese readers though, due to internet bans and blocks,

I doubt anyone there is reading this.
2Food and Drug Administration -


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