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Buying a dwelling is an option for those of us who find our cars and local parks rather crowded. The best way to go about it is lots of research. Find out what the market is like in the area that you are interested in while you organise your finance. This way all the houses that you would like to buy will be sure to be sold by the time you are actually ready to move forward. How does one know the best time to buy a house? Well it's when 1)it is raining continuously as you trudge around the various suburbs clutching pathetic pieces of newspaper ii)when you could paper a wall with various Real Estate agents cards and iii) your landlord is about to throw you out anyway. Some experts would suggest that low interest rates help - but, hey, we all know they're going up again in the next 25 years, don't we?

They say location, location, location is important and this is so true. Who would have known that it was possibly to build a house on a cliff so that its only access was Rock-Climbing? It is best to watch out for potential access problems - how many people really thought a car could fit down a 1.5m wide driveway???

Then wet, muddy and out of one's rock-climbing gear one finds *the place* - the real estate agent is sure ten other young couples are interested. You organise the pest inspection - who would have thought that you hadn't fallen through the floor and been hit by the roof?

Okay - false start behind you, finance organised, building and pest inspections go to the solicitor/conveyancer

Is the house over the property line? Has it been built correctly over the sewer? Is that decking around the pool okay? Is the *fence* high enough? Does it fit with the covenants? Does a colourbond roof count as corrugated iron when no-one has complained about it in thirty years? you'll risk the colourbond roof, if not the poor pool you exchange contracts...

Then you wait. Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait.

One day you get to move into that "dream home" - by this time you don't care about that tacky yellow glass, you couldn't give a stuff about the trout tiles in the bathroom, the gnomes in the garden? Welcome!

At least you're home.

For now.

Five years later...

"Honey I'm pregnant...we'll need more room"

And the nightmare starts again

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