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Welcome to my page for all the new people on h2g2 and the old people.

I Created This Page For all thoes looking for a code for there site but cant find it so here you go.

Well here is a few links for all the new users to h2g2

ACE's Homepage
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The GURUs homepage
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Mandas page on GuideML very helpful
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The Welcome to h2g2 page

Other Thngs They Dont Teach You In Guide Ml

Color Font

This is a code that allows you to do color text in your entrys,you can change the color in between the "" but you have to have them in

Font Size

This is a code that allows you to do big text in your entrys,you can change the size in between the "" but you have to have them in

Font Style

This is a code that allows you to do diffrent text types in your entrys,you can change the type in between the "" but you have to have them in


There is many types of marquee that you can use in your guildes.

Some Are listed Below

Your Basic Marquee

Nothing special just your basic text scroll the code is below

Bouncy Marquee

a bit better just your basic text scroll with a bounce on it the code is below.

This Allows you to do marquee with a back round (at last)

Marquee Directions

this allows you to put your text in a direction you can change it by chaning the direction within the " " these are left right up down

Marquee Width

This allows you to put width in your marquee

Marquee With Loop

This Allows you to loop the text

Bookmark on your Personal Space

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