The art of cartooning.

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The art of cartooning.

1. It helps to be a smartarse.

2. It helps to have a pencil and some paper.

While there are those who actually went to art school and learned to make the apples and the pears in perfect perspective,

many cartoonists are doodlers.

That's why so many of their efforts have all the artistic cachet of a flatulent five year old.

You have to look at the world through a curious haze. It has to avoid looking back at you or you might get distracted.

You have to draw the settings and the characters in your own little world.

While verisimilitude is useful, editing your ability to demonstrate it is more useful.

While it is rarely possible to put too little in a cartoon, it is more than probably that you will put too much.

Editing is very important.

Which reminds me.

I better shut up.

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