Castleford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Nestled, comfortably, on the banks of the River Aire, aprroximately 10 miles from Wakefield and 12 miles from Leeds, Castleford is one of those towns that people think is a lot more boring than they could imagine and, on the whole, they would be correct. However, beneath the surface of this ex-coalmining town lies the foundations for an exciting town in the future.

Suffering from only one nightclub (repeated attempts at opening another have been stubbornly ignored by the local drinkers), and far, far too many charity shops, Castleford is, nonetheless a thriving town. While considered smaller than it's neighbouring town, Pontefract, it is quite a bit larger. Castleford has a single level shopping centre, the Carlton Lanes, and has the, dubious, honour of playing host to two chemical factories, Hickson and Welch beng the largest and most well known.

A rugby league team plays from out of Castleford, the Castleford Tigers, and has known a modest amount of success. Our most noted townsman was Henry Moore, a statue artist who had a specialty in the free form style.

Soon to be home to a Free Port retail park, Castleford is now beginning to grow. The Tigers are soon to start construction on their new ground and more and more new shops are opening all the time.

A generally friendly town where people are apt to speak to people even if they do not know them.


Harley's, The Lion (for biker's and heavy metal fans), the Lamplighter and the Glassblower. All the pubs in Castleford are within walking distance of each other. They are clean, mostly, and friendly, usually and the atmosphere ranges from excellent to quiet (depending on whether the Tigers have won or lost).

All in all, Castleford is a fine place to visit and becoming a good place to live with many new jobs opening up in the area and a number of new housing projects appearing around the town.

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