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beetle, return of

I agree wholeheartedly. But you neglected to mention the colletable aspect of a five cent peice of plastic that rises to god-like proportions in value. Silly things really.


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Ishtar Uber

I also agree, but really, even though the plastic things go up in value, who actually PAYS that money? Is that where society is headed? A place where PEZ dispensers become the only hard currency in times of high inflation?

* Please bear in mind that I am very bored and currently attempting to convince myself to do a history assignment due in a couple of hours. Sigh. It comes as no surprise to me that I am reading an article on PEZ.


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I rather doubt anyone will read this, but anyway...
I find that when I eat PEZ I am much more likely to simply cram the entire package in my mouth at once rather than bothering to load it into a dispenser. While this may be less entertaining, it is faster and also tastes better.
On a more serious subject, PEZ was originally a German mint for smokers. The name PEZ is an abbreviation for the german word for peppermint, the long version of which I have currently forgotten. The company which manufactured it struck on the idea of making it fruit flavored and selling it to children, where it became a success. This may be viewed as another of the tobbacco industries efforts to get children to smoke, but such wonderings are rather far-fetched.


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beetle, return of



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Johnny Carwash

Pez also come in automatic dispensers. I have one which takes about 20 minutes to load, and because of the added electically powered spring mechanism, can be completely emptied in two minutes from a distance of a meter, if you are good at catching things in your mouth and have arms long enough to reach the button.


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I myself actually collect pez dispencers. I have (and yes I am a crazy bastard) paid $100 for a single dispncer, a pez gun to be precise. I rather enjoy collecting thm and have spent well over $1000 dollars total on Pez. I always load my dispencers because i'm anal when it comes to my pez. but hell I enjoy it. and I hope that society does come to having pez as a form of currency, because I would be a rich man!


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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

My god!

I had never in my whole sixty long years heard of the stuff until I came across it in a candy store in Scheveningen, Netherlands. I was looking for something to buy my grandson, and I got him a PEZ dispenser. I thought they were the pinnacle of human confectionary technology, but you people seem to think a lot lowlier of them.

I shall have to carefully watch my grandson to see whether he actually enjoys this candy. I hope he does. If not, what could you recommend? And if he decides he doesn't want to keep the dispenser,
what kinds would you be interested in receiving by mail?


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You would get along extraordinarily well with my friend Jean-Luc. He also has a bit of an obsession with Pez. As for myself, I'm not a *big* collector, but I love the stuff. Do you have any Pez dispensers with body parts? I have Kermit the frog with a caveman body.

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