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hude is a town in nothern germany.

hude has about 16000 citizens.

hude is a rahter boring town.

but hude is nice.
hude is situated between bremen and oldenburg.
hude is over 750 years old. 750 years of lazy lower saxon culture.
my name is schmendrik. i am a guide-researcher in hude since 1983 and
i will show you around hude....

1st: don't expect too much
3rd: ...

fine. i guess only interested people read this far. this is going
to be a long story.


okay a little joke. let's see how amazing this story really is and ...


Hude, yeah. nice. it's a good place for young families. There're a
lot of new communities in and around hude.
I discovered a lot of shibby shady things, during my researches and

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