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Clem's taste test.

Q1. Name the four dead guys that roped Xander into driving them around in 'The Zeppo'?

Q2. Nathan Fillion originally auditioned for the role of which character?

Q3. What is written on Buffy's headstone?

Q4. Which Species of demon did the Mayor turn into?

Q5. How many episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been made?

Welcome Potentials.

Q6. Where did Buffy go to school before Sunnydale High?

Q7. What is Giles' first name?

Q8. Who created the show?

Q9. In which episode did Spike and Drusilla first appear?

Q10.What is the name of the orb needed to restore Angel's soul?

Q11. In which episode does Tara first appear?

Q12. Who said surprise in the episode of the same name?

Q13. What is Buffy's Dad's name?

Q14. What is the name of the Gypsy tribe that originally put the curse on Angel?

Q15. How many Hell Hounds were there in 'The Prom'?

Q16. What was the name of the shop that Cordelia worked in?

Q17. In 'Earshot', Buffy heard someone threaten to kill the entire student body, who was it?

Q18. How many jobs has Xander had?

Q19. Name both of Willow's parents?

Q20. What did Giles want to be when he grew up?

Welcome to Sunnydale.

Q21. What demon did Giles turn in to in 'A New Man'?

Q22. Which two writers appeared in 'OMWF'?

Q23. In which episode did Xander not appear?

Q24. What is the name of the song that Spike's mother used to sing to him?

Q25. What is the name of the device that Faith uses to switch bodies with Buffy?

Q26. What role did Sarah Michelle Gellar originally audition for?

Q27. What was Angels name before he was sired?

Q28. Name the three original potentials that Giles returned to Sunnydale with?

Q29. What was Jenny Calendars gipsy name?

Q30. Where did Oz find the cure to stop him becoming a werewolf?

Q31. In 'Dopplgangland', how old does Anya say she is?

Q32. How many robots have appeared on the show, and name them?

Q33. What actor played the 'Anointed One'?

Q34. In which epsidoe did Willow first use magic?

Q35. What colour was the top that Willow was looking for in 'The Body'?

Welcome To The Scoobies

Q36. In 'Grave', Willow refers to the time Giles called her; "A rank, arrogant amateur." In which episode was this?

Q37. What four films did Willow and Xander reference in their movie quote game?

Q38. Where in England is Giles' house, as seen in Season 7?

Q39. Name all six members responsible for bringing Eyghon into being?

Q40. What is the title of the Buffy/Angel love theme?

Q41. What was the title of the book that Dawn took from Willow and Tara's dorm room in 'Forever'?

Q42. In 'Band Candy', what was the name of the song that Giles and Joyce were listening to?

Q43. What is Tara's brother called?

Q44. What exactly does Andrew ask for in the butchers shop?

Q45. In which episode do we first see Jonathan?

Q46. Before appearing as 'Andrew', what episode does Tom Lenk appear in and what was his characters name?

Q47. Where do Riley's parents live?

Q48. When interviewed by the Watchers Council, when did Anya say her birthday was?

Q49. Name the actor who played the 'Cheese Man' in 'Restless'?

Q50. What was the only episode to prompt a public service announcement in the US?

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Q51. Which actress was originally cast as Willow and appeared in the un-aired pilot?

Q52. Which cast member had a role in the Buffy movie but had all his parts cut?

Q53. How many episodes did Anthony Stewart Head appear in?

Q54. What film connects Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green?

Q55. Which three actresses have the same size feet?

Q56. How was David Boreanaz discovered?

Q57. Why was Sarah Michelle Gellar absent from most of 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered'?

Q58. The actors who play the Gentlemen in 'Hush' have 'real' day jobs. What do they do for a living?

Q59. Who or what was Riley Finn named after?

Q60. In earlier episodes, four sounds were mixed together to make the sound of a vampire dusting. What were they?

Q61. In which episodes does the Mutant Enemy monster differ from its usual 'Grr Argh'?

Q62. Who is the voice of the Mutant Enemy monster?

Q63. How many vampires has the really real Buffy dusted in total?

Q64. What independent project did James Marsters work on with Amber Benson?

Q65. Which is the only episode to have the final credits played alongside the final scene?

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