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It explains a lot...

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'An unclean or blocked up bowel ... is the foundation of toxic poisoning of the whole system, as well as the beginning of many other evils.'

I do believe we've got a case of blocked up bowel in Washington DC - we've certainly seen poisoning of our system and many other evils. smiley - sadface

Coincidentally (or not), there is a section of Washington DC called 'Foggy Bottom Historical District'. Comment would be superfluous... smiley - run

It explains a lot...

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abbi normal "Putting on the Ritz" with Dr Frankenstein

Hi quizzicalsmiley - ok

smiley - starAnother great one Terri!
smiley - disco

It explains a lot...

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Hey abbi -

How's life treating you these days? smiley - smiley

It explains a lot...

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abbi normal "Putting on the Ritz" with Dr Frankenstein

smiley - wah My computer is a mess and being picked up tomorrowsmiley - sadface
I will be emailess!smiley - wah Hootooless!
*pouty face*
smiley - disco

4th try....

It explains a lot...

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smiley - wah

Poor Abbi!

Never mind, stiff upper lip & all that....

Hope your Beastie gets returned to you in sparkling good health. It probably needs the equivalent of an enema...

smiley - musicalnote"An enema; doo-doo-doo-doo-dah"smiley - musicalnote

*why do my thoughts seem to be degenerating to the lowest level possible*?smiley needed around here....

smiley - zensmiley - devilTerri.

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