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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Entry: Japan - A12590462
Author: Opticalillusion - looking forward to seeing her bf - U231227

smiley - goodluck

A12590462 - Japan

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

thanks for NOT consulting me first smiley - grr

A12590462 - Japan

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Note: This Entry has been taken on by Bob Stafford (U3151547) Please see the following:

Japan 1: History Religion Arts and Language - A18557300
Japan 2: Japan Today - A18557337
Japan 3: Japan For The Visitor - A18557328

Japan 1 is currently in Peer Review at F48874?thread=3794463
Japan 2 is currently in the Edited Guide Writing Workshop F57153?thread=3778399
Japan 3 is currently in the Edited Guide Writing Workshop F57153?thread=3776908

Word counts:
Original (in flea market): 6,653
Japan 1: 3,911
Japan 2: 2,127
Japan 3: 2,151
Total in revised Entries: 8,189

Researchers listed as credited in all Entries:

U204330 The_Jon_m
U231227 Opticalillusion
U241120 Taamyu
U889233 Rockhound
U2052738 Anoldgreymoonraker

Alex smiley - smiley

A12590462 - Japan

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Japan 2 is now in PR: F48874?thread=3812054
as is
Japan 3: F48874?thread=3812003

Opti, I did post on your PS F127752?thread=3719043 but you didn't respond smiley - smiley
Bob politely informed you about what was happening to the Japan entry here: F127752?thread=3776904 but you didn't respond to that either.

We don't have the time to nanny you, Opti, if you abandon your entries you can expect them to be submitted to the Flea Market, we don't need your permission.

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Flea Market: A12590462 - Japan

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