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Right now you are probably sitting at a desk with a computer in front of you (or perhaps off to one side, if your desk isn't deep enough like mine). You are perhaps in an office building owned by your employer and surrounded by your fellow employees. Or perhaps you are in a school computer lab. Or even in your basement. Let's think for a moment about the office of the future!

The Office of the Future is a converted mega-electonics-superstore that shut down a few years ago after less than two years of business. It now features a large open work area where most people work. But they don't all work for the same company. Some work for themselves. Others work for large companys which consider this a 'satellite office'. Some of the desks have computers. Others just have network connections for your laptops. Over on that wall there are closed offices for those who like a bit of privacy. Of course those cost more than desks on the open floor. Most of the people here use their own cell phones. They do much work on the internet. With the whole site connected on a fast link to a faster ISP the network speed beats anything you could afford at home.

Around the corner you find a commons area where folks can chat about whatever they like. Beyond the commons area is the site library. Stocked with newspapers, magazines, and books, it is a good place for offline research. Quiet too. The site also features a full service copy shop and a post office. Oh yeah, don't forget the conference rooms and the deli up on the second floor.

Some of the people who work here come in twice a week. Others drop in when the weather prevents them from reaching the main office. A few show up every day. These are mostly the self-employed. They like the fact that they can run their business in a professional atmosphere without having to lease an entire building.

So, would you want to work there?

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