Royal Family of Transylvania in Penguin Peril

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The royal family of Transylvania have all suffered the terrifying fate of turning into penguins after eating bad candy. This occurred at approximately 10:30pm last night at a Royal Ball in honour of Prince Bob’s Bah Mitzvah.

A witness at the ball informed reporters that “they got what they deserved”. It is alleged that the royal family banned guests from eating the candy provided at the event, and divided it between themselves. The strange occurrences began when all the candy had been consumed.

The witness mentioned earlier commented, “Their faces went all black, then BANG! They turned into penguins in a puff of smoke! Ha ha!”
This is the third case of candy phenomena occurring among royalty. Just last month, Queen Jane XXXIV of Loompa Land turned into an orang-utan after eating a lollipop. She abdicated and moved to Siberia, dying of hypothermia 2 days ago.
The first ever recorded case was last year, when Prince Larry of That Darn Awesome Kingdom ate a packet of chiko babies and was transformed into a frog.

“Being a frog was quite enjoyable.” Prince Larry commented, “All the swimming and splashing. It was a huge adventure.”

Prince Larry recovered one month later, when Princess Savvy kissed him. They are now happily married.

Prince Larry recommends this cure, and the royal family of Transylvania are eagerly seeking candidates to aid in this bizarre treatment plan. They are offering huge rewards to any members of the public who would like to step forward and fill one of the possible positions.

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